Bollywood connection with the underworld

Relations between the Bollywood and Mumbai's underworld was never a secret ,at least for the Mumbai police. It may be a shocker for the common people to know how much close these two worlds are. The number of films on underworld and subtle glorification of bad boys like "Nayak nahin khalanayak hain hum"have increased.The kind of coversations between filmy stars and the underworld dons have been played on national news channels and heard by large number of unsuspecting viewers. They wondered whether they were hearing some sound track of a new Hindi movie. The reason was both the stars and the underworld dons used the kind of lingo normally reserved for Mumbai's underworld by the Bollywood script-writers.
Tapes heard by viewers wereactual conversations recorded by seuths of Mumbai police between Bollywood's stars turned Khalnayak and underworld don Chhota Shakeel known for his total influence over the film world in Mumbai.
The fact is that the nexus between Bollywood and the underworld is neither new for the media nor for the government,only characters in this episode are changing like any film script.According to my knowledge, this nexus first of all, came to light with the release of Amitabh Bhachchan starrer Gulshan Rai's "Deewar" in 70s and script-writers Salim-Javed(Akhter) had got too much fame from this film.This film was scripted on the life of Haji Mastan.Then again in 70s the release of Prakash Mehra's "Zanzeer" rrefreshed this nexus. But all the time with the passing of days itwas thrown in the dustbin.
Then in the late 80sSharjah seemed to have become the hottest spot with several celebrities who are seen cheering the cricket matches sitting in the stadium--while some looked genuinely interested, for some it was clearly written on theoir faces-- they were there as they were asked to attend the match.
During one of these visits ,actress Mandakini of Ram Teri Ganga Maili fame met Dawood and became his wife and actress Heena Quasar married a drug kingpin Iqbal Mirchi.Dawood's kingdom increased as brothers Noora, Iqbal and Mastakeen jooined him in Dubai. The other gangsters operating were Chhota Shakeel, Sunil Sawant and Sharad Shetty.
So you hadcricket matches watched by celebrities rubbing shoulders with Dawood and performances wheree you had top stars dancing for the audience--andDubai was the destination.
For the third time this nexus and in other words, the first signs of underworld's entry into the film industry was way back in 1981 when the Pathan brothers, Amirzada and Alamzeb kidnapped Hindi film Shakti's producer Mushir Riyaz and the ransome amount ofRs.11 lakh was the first big mafia blow to the industry.
The first shock to the industry was when Gulshan Kumar was shot dead as he refused to compy with Saleem's demands. Shakeel's list of victims' increased--producer Mukesh Duggal,Dinesh Kumar andAjit Waghani. His men openly fired on Manisha Koirala's car. Soon he was paid protection money by the celebs of Bollywood.
Soon the underworld took up joint ventures andgrabbed overseas distribution rights. As Hindi films gaining popularity aborad and overseas distribution was a very important aspect of the industry. With the mafia becoming the owners, they started to dictate terms and the choice of actors and actresses for the films.
Under such circumstances,unless the authorities really take up a massive clean up operatio to weed out these underworld connections nothing can be done. This is not merely a link between the dream city and the underworld but it can go much further and harm the national security. Theses Karachi based underworld dones are not merely interested in making a few bucks or find themselves glorified on the celluliod. They are actually kingpins of the freaded indeclared was launched by meighbouring state ofPakinstan. Investigations are still on and even the cases are still lingering in couts onthe serial bomb blasts im Mumbai city which killed several innocents. Pakistani intelligence used the unsuspecting underworld links to accomplish their target of attacking vital installations in the commercial capital of the country.
The state authorities might find it difficult to deal with dons who operate from an enemy country and keep o killing people and influencing Bollywood from a distance. It is not merely providing rotection to a few top actors or actresses but it is serious business unearthing links thse underworld dons have developed without any inhitions. It requires political will to hit out at the guilty and inthe processeven po;itical bigwigs may be hit
Experts say the disclosure of Salman Khan's phone conversations with actress Aishwarys Rai in which the macho film star admitted to his links with the underworld has again brought into focus the mafias's control over the industry. If Bharat Shah can be put behind the bars for his recorded conversations with underworld don,then why these film personalities should be let go free.
Believe it or not, the Hindi film industry is a veritable and safe haven for criminals,gangsters and mass murderes. As the overwhelming majority of Hindi films produced are funded by various mafias, hired killers, undergroung terrorist organizations and hardcore criminal gangsters. Little wonder then ,that the prime objective of these films is to glorify the outlaw,the bandit and murderer,to idolize the law of the gun and to legitimize the life of the killer.


James White said...

I am very much surprised after reading your post. That some Indian actors/actress are having connection with underworld mafia. Are you very much sure that information provided by you are authentic? Because you had pointed out many famous names regarding this.

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James White

Tintu said...

Extradite Mirchi to India? For what? So that this secular drug lord gets 5 star treatment in Indian jail,and ultimately be declared that he is innocent!!! Let the British handle them.....