What is freedom?

FIFTY-EIGHT years ago--on August 15,1947--India got freedom from Britishers but today we are again slaved,not of Britishers but of corrution, terrorism and of harassment.The youth is too far away from those anti-colonial days. The struggle of Independence is brought alive on two days only every year.However,patrotism is a different aspect. Though the GenX lives in the world of Britney Spears, Deff Leopard and MTV.With mehendi
pierced nose and breaded charms,even their desi dool mantra is patriotism.
It is this pattiotism that makes us demand more freedom and more independence to make choices. Though wedo not realise it.Jawaharlal Nehru had championed and envisioned a great India when he gave his first Independence Day speech. How much do we measure up to his words?
Nehru had said:"We have endured all the pains of lablour and our hearts are heavy with memory of the sorrow.."
But where is this memory today? Do we remember the "sorrow and the pains of labour" that our first prime Minister talked about?

It seems, the day has been reduced to just another holiday to laze around and watch TV. How many actually pay tributes to heroes like Bhagat Singh,Chandra Shekhar Azad, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and other so many patriots who sacrificed their life in saving the honour of their motherland e.g. Bharatmata.
Parties are thrown but not for the men who perished in the British jails but just a show off.Who is serious towards the sanctity of the motherland. Nehru had,also, said that after freedom "India will witness flow of milk stream. But alas,even the poor children are starving,can't afford milk.Milk is getting costlier.At the time of freedom it sold at the rate of 25 paise a seer and today at the rate of Rs.18 to 20.
Secondly, what is freedom for the youth? Some want to be free of taxes,others dedand relaxation on boozing laws and yet others prefer all dress codes to done away with.
Freedom should mean that all citizens get the basic necessities like food,clean water, a roof over his head. Everybody should share the same standard of lfe.But it is not so. Public representatives,bureacrats are dealt with one law and the common man with the other,though in the eyes of law everyone should be equal.Under the name of public welfare politicians are living a luxury life but the common man is where he/she was before Independence. Their personal bills are passed within seconds but when it comes to public so much hue and cry is winessed in the Parliament at the expense of public exchequer.They don't realise that what a minute of Parliament is costed.
Before Independence,every female was given due respect and today position is reversed.Even an aged woman.what to say of young,can't roam freely on free India roads. They are raped,their ornaments and purses are snatched and our politicians are talking about reservation to them.Reservation of what: rape,for dowry death,sexual harassment at work place or somewhat...
The freedom has changed all the meanings of Indian culture and etiquettes, previously the marriage was customary but today it has become a business.We are not making good use of our freedom. The tyranny of people of Shahbuddin and Pappu Yadav is testament to that.
What we achieved in 1947 was only political independence, Today we have to free ourselvesof corruption,terror and environment pollution.When we were under the British rule,we could at least live with our doors open but today we have to keep our doors closed because of terror.Before there was fearlessness,now there is fear.
Economic boom should start from the soil.If it rains, the water should reach the plant so that it can grow into a tree, that is,economic reform should start from the masses.
To make India a prosperous country in actual,reservation on religion or caste basis should be abolished first.When competition tests are here then why reservations?Is it not a humiliation to other unreserved castes?Are they not the citizen of free India.Go anywhere in the world,there is no reservation only deserving are getting their chance to serve the organisation and in other words to the nation. Reservation is a great hurdle in India's progress.At any cost,it should be abolished. Secondly,political parties based on caste or creed are creating nuisance,only those political parties should be allowed to contest any election who motive is to uplift India not any particular caste.

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